X-Ray Films


HIGH DINAMIC RANGE Contrast- Plus HDRC-Plus  is an orthochromatic film sensitive to green light for mammographic applications. This film was made with the latest manufacturing technologies, with triple layer emulsion and offering great image perception in a wide dynamic spectrum, always with high contrast.

The HDRC-Plus film exhibits high stability, which is little or nothing affected by normal variations of the development conditions.

For better picture quality, use the Mamoray HD-S, Cawo R 200 and R300 chassis.



Cubic crystal technology minimizes image noise, enabling faster and better quality development;

It has 03 layers of emulsion, which provides an image of high definition, contrast and visual quality.

We suggest the use of IBF chemicals (developers and fixatives) to obtain better results. The recommended temperature for automatic development is 34 to 36 ° C. See the processor instructions for best results.

IBF markets conventional and specialty chemicals for the processing of mammographic films.

Film boxes should be opened and handled only under special light with a safety filter and a 15-watt red bulb at least 1.2 meters away.

Because green films are more sensitive to the dark-room safety lighting conditions (because of the proximity of green and red in the color spectrum), the safety filters of the luminaires should be of the appropriate type (red / amber).

In addition, the handling of the films should be quick, since the security lighting can quickly raise the base veil of these new films.

The storage temperature of the film should be kept below 21 ° C, with humidity ranging from 50% to 60%. The film should be stored away from any form of radiation. One must observe the rotation of the films so that they do not pass the validity period, and the older films must be used first.